5 Safety Tips for When You Visit New Zealand

5 Safety Tips for When You Visit New Zealand

No country in the world is 100% safe and you will find crime and danger everywhere you go. New Zealand is no different. We have our crime and violence, but that is no reason to not visit our beautiful country. You can go anywhere and be safe if you take the necessary precautions and plan ahead. If you follow the safety tips below, you can go to any country and be safe.

Be prepared. Prepare yourself mentally and physically to deal with dangerous situations. Have exit strategies, take self-defence classes, and make sure that you know the culture and ways of the country you will be visiting.

Let family and friends know where you are going. This means the people back home as well as someone at your lodge or hotel. If you are traveling alone, make sure that someone knows where you are going. Give them an itinerary if you have one. Traveling alone can be great, but for first timers, it might be wise to take a friend with you.

Avoid walking alone at night. This is a common-sense tip, but worth mentioning. Women should definitely not wander about the streets after dark as you never know who might be around with bad intentions. These days, it is even unsafe for men to walk around alone.

Keep your valuables safe and out of sight. Never leave valuables behind in a hotel room and definitely not in the car. If you have to leave bulky items behind, leave them out of sight. There is no guarantee that locking up will prevent burglars from getting in. You can make it as difficult as possible, though.

Don’t look insecure or like a tourist. Muggers and other bad guys tend to target people who look like they don’t belong or are easy to take. You can be the smallest person, but if you walk with confidence and radiate strength, you will not be seen as an easy target. Try to not walk around with your nose in a map. Blend in.

Stay alert and use your common sense and gut instincts and you should be safe.

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