5 Tips on Saving Money with Your New Zealand Trip

5 Tips on Saving Money with Your New Zealand Trip

The beautiful country of New Zealand is a must for any traveling enthusiasts. It is one of the most beautiful countries you will ever visit. There is a good reason why so many famous movies are shot here. When traveling here, however, it could get a bit pricey. Long flights and high gas, food, and activity prices will all add up quite fast. We have a few tips for saving while you are here and exploring our beautiful landscapes and meeting our friendly locals.

Choose your travel time carefully. During the summer months (December to February) tourists swarm New Zealand and prices go up accordingly. Visit us during the spring or fall months to experience lower costs for everything. Even winter is a good time to visit us. It is still beautiful and not many tourists visit except for the ski towns like Queenstown.

  Find an airfare sale. Because New      Zealand is remote, flights there are generally quite costly. Qantas and Air New Zealand often have sales and discounts on their tickets. Try to grab one of these to save some money.

Decide North or South Island. New Zealand may seem small, but it can feel very big if you try to visit both the North and South islands in one trip. If you will only be around for a week or two, it is best to pick one of the islands and explore it fully. You will run up a lot of travel costs if you try to get everywhere.

Use your credit card. Most of the shops and tourist destinations have card facilities. You can save money by using your card instead of drawing cash and paying hefty ATM withdrawal fees. If your bank doesn’t charge extra for paying with your card in foreign countries, you can pay your whole trip by card and save money.

Do your homework. New Zealand has so many great tourist sites and activities that you may feel broke just thinking about it. Research everything that is available and the costs involved and decide which activities you want to do and budget and plan accordingly. Unless you win the lottery, trying out all the great activities may make your wallet burst into flame.

Planning is key to saving on your trip. Do your homework, make a few focused decisions, and you are well on your way to a great and less expensive New Zealand trip.


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