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Welcome to Balmoral Lodge’s website. We are an independent lodge that caters for guests from all over the world. We have guests that come from the far reaches of the planet for conferences, business trips and even holidays. Balmoral Lodge is ideal for anyone who needs accommodation but doesn’t necessarily need the provision of food.

Balmoral Lodge has 15 rooms and is situated on the beautiful Queenstown Hill. The lodge services include cleaning services, wake-up calls, concierge services, and offers Wi-Fi. There is a small restaurant attached to the lodge, but guests are not required to make use of it. There are also many other restaurants and coffee shops in the vicinity.

Balmoral Lodge has a 4-star rating and a 100% satisfaction rate. Our guests are treated like royalty and we make sure that they are well taken care of. All of our staff are friendly and ready to assist our guests in any way necessary. We pride ourselves on excellent customer service and outstanding accommodation.

For your visit to Flagstaff, there is no better place to stay than Balmoral Lodge. We offer lodging for up to a week and thereafter arrangements can be made for longer stays. We look forward to meeting interesting new friends.

Contact us today to make your booking at Balmoral Lodge.