Budget-Friendly Ideas for Major Home Makeovers

Budget-Friendly Ideas for Major Home Makeovers

A lot of us want to take control of the things around us but doesn’t have the budget to do so. This can also be applied to home remodeling, where we are forced to opt for cheaper interior designs for the sake of making big changes in our homes. However, there are some few techniques that can create an impact to the person’s environment as well as making a huge difference to the person’s perspective. A slight change can create a whole new image of your surroundings, how much more when a complete makeover will be taken into action.

The first thing you want to do is head to your bedroom and focus into this one because this is the place where you’re most spending your time with. Let’s start with the furniture. A little upgrade to the dresser can make a huge change especially if that dresser already looks old and scratched which is a perfect candidate for replacement. Next, we have the bed. A mattress change will bring life to your bed especially if you choose one with eye candy colors. Add a mini fridge and some bookshelves and voila! you now have a refreshingly brand new bedroom without altering much of its interior.

And now we go to the windows. But before thinking of replacing your windows with newer ones, think of some curtain solutions first. Curtains take up the greatest amount of space and they can be used to complement with your paint job. Curtains are very important because they act as a barrier to prevent heat from coming directly inside the house. Choose a curtain that’s capable of retaining the cold in while keeping the heat out at the same time.

Now that we’re done with the windows, let’s talk about walls. Walls can be complicated at times, so you have to be careful of dealing with them especially in terms of surface, signage, and decoration. You need to decide which of the two suits you’re wall well, a paint or a wallpaper? The former is the ideal one because it’s easier to install, but it can be a little impersonal. While the latter is great for those people who wants to design their walls according to their liking. If you have the talent and time, painting is definitely the better option between the two. Unless if you really like to go with wallpapers, then go for it.

On a side note, you can also design your wall by hanging family portraits or putting up posters of your favorite band or something. You can personalize your wall as long as you like especially if it is important to you. Street signs, concert posters, movie posters, stickers, you name it. However, it will look messy and cluttered if you overdo it too much. Instead, how about putting other types of wall decorations such as hat racks or shelves where you can put your favorite toys.

To sum it all up, home remodeling can create a huge impact to whoever lives in it. But what’s important is what you want to do with it and how you’ll feel about it. There are still tons of ways to accomplish that much needed home remodeling without splurging too much on it. At the end of the day, it’s up to you how you decorate it as you want it to be as long as you have fun.

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