Essential Kitchen Remodeling Tips Every Homeowner Should Know

Essential Kitchen Remodeling Tips Every Homeowner Should Know

It can be frustrating when you move into a new home just to find out that the kitchen looks like it came straight from a horror movie. Some people are okay with that, but there are others that still choose to remodel to build the kitchen of their dreams. Nothing is impossible, you can remodel it the way you like it. However, there are some key things that you should keep in mind before doing such. Keep reading down below.

  • Have Enough Space for New Appliances

  • New and modern appliances get smarter, sleeker, but also bigger. This is why kitchen space is very important so that there’ll be enough space for these things. However, if your kitchen doesn’t have enough space to install such, then consider streamlining your inventory to find other modern kitchen appliances that can fit in.
  • Remove Your Old Kitchen Faucet

  • Replacing a kitchen faucet isn’t as easy as it looks. It’s not a tool that you can just unscrew and put in the brand new one. It takes a little bit of work and also patience or the last thing you’ll see is your house turning into a mini pool.
  • If you know how to install it yourself, the first thing you need to do is to turn off the water supply of that particular sink. This can be found right outside your home near the pipes or even underneath your sink cabinet. Once off, cover the drain opening with a cloth and put a bucket underneath it to catch excess water that comes out as a result of the pressure from turning off the valve.
  • Now that the water supply is off, it’s time to remove that old faucet. Grab a wrench and unbolt the hot and cold water lines from the sink. If the nuts that are keeping the faucet in place is stuck, use a penetrating spray to wipe out grime before unbolting it. Once done, pull out the old faucet and replace in the new one.
  • Install New Kitchen Cabinets

  • Having kitchen cabinets is a great way to put all your kitchen essentials together instead of putting them beside your sink. Kitchen cabinets also keeps them away from insects that might be lurking while you sleep. However, there are a few key things you should know before installing such.
  • First things first, use a stud finder to locate existing studs in your walls. If your home has wooden studs, then drilling into them will give a much better support than drilling your cabinets into drywall. But if you had steel studs, avoid them because they’re not really “screw friendly”. You can also mark your currently made studs to help you locate them better just in case you’re going to replace your kitchen cabinets in the future.
  • Next, measure the dimensions of your new cabinet and mark them on your wall depending on where you want to put them. Use a level combined with a piece of wood to mark your walls exactly where these new cabinets should be put into place. Once done, get ready to start drilling.

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