Visiting New Zealand can be one of the best adventures you ever take on. It is one of the world’s most beautiful countries and it has an abundance of tourist attractions and activities. You will not be short on historical museums and legends or adventure activities like bungee jumping or skiing. It can be very difficult to navigate and plan your trip if you don’t know more about New Zealand’s two islands and what you can expect from this country.

To help with your research and planning, we have gathered some online guides and travel sites. We also include sites where you can find reviews of the top travel guide books.

100% Pure New Zealand

This site offers background information on New Zealand and shares a lot of very helpful advice on navigating the country and choosing what you want to do.

Lonely Planet

Lonely Planet offers some insight to the sights and activities in New Zealand. People offer their stories and first-hand experiences of traveling in New Zealand.

Nomadic Matt

Nomadic Matt offers all the information you could possibly want. It is a travel guide to New Zealand cuisine, customs, culture, activities, people, and even has tips for saving money.

New Zealand Travel Guide (2019 Edition!)

New Zealand Travel Guide

This is an official travel guide by the New Zealand tourism agency. It offers invaluable information about the regions, roads, passport and visas needed, etc. A definite must read before you visit New Zealand.

Amazon has lists of best sellers and also offer reviews of the best travel guides for New Zealand. If you are looking to have a physical guidebook with you on your travels, you will find one here.

We hope these sites are of use to you and will help you plan a wonderful and unforgettable trip to New Zealand.